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Welcome to Cornea Syrup, an art, development and design studio in Austin, Texas; purveyor of the finest treats for your eyeballs. Click here to make an inquiry via email.

Surreal painted book cover illustration

Cover for Susannah Sheffer's This Kind of Knowing from Cooper Dillon Books.
[ Graphite, Acrylic, Digital | 2013 ]

Caricature sketches of singer Adele

Singer Adele's many nuanced facial expressions.
[ Digital | 2014 ]

Monochrome portrait paintings of gangsters

Interior art for the Gangsta pen and paper role-playing game.
[ Digital | 2014 ]

Black and white vector portraits

Vector portraits of the authors and staff of Cooper Dillon Books.
Bottom row, third over is me - I'm the part-time, remote Art Director.
[ Vector | 2008-2015 ]

Brush drawing of a boy picking oranges

It's OK to Pick Fruit
Private commission, drawn with a brush.
[ Ink, Watercolor | 2016 ]

Triptych caricature painting of singer Adele Adkins

Singer Adele Adkins as homage to Etta James, who orginally rocked the house.
[ Digital | 2014 ]

Painted caricature of Forest Whitaker

Actor Forest Whitaker.
[ Digital | 2014 ]

Album cover featuring painted portrait of Danny Richard

Cover art for the Danny Richard Advanced Vocal Warmup CD & digital download.
[ Digital | 2015 ]

A Chinese dragon kite floats up out of a hole dug by a Basset Hound, while a boy eating noodles looks on

Digging a hole to China
[ Digital | 2013 ]

Pencil drawings depicting a scattered murder of crows

[ Sepia Pencil | 2011 ]

Colored pencil sketches of Badger anatomy

[ Sepia Pencil | 2013 ]

Colored pencil sketches of Spiny Lobsters

Spiny Lobster
[ Colored Pencils | 2014

Ink wash painting of a stag beetle

Stag Beetle
[] Walnut Ink Wash | 2010 ]

Painting of a mechanical crab in a conch shell on the shore

Concept painting of a mechanical crab which has adopted a conche shell as a home.
[ Digital | 2011 ]

Digital painting of an anthropomorized piece of computer malware

Concept art representing spyware, for a video game filled with anthropomorphized malware.
[ Digital | 2015 ]

3D model of a cute character toy design with a tube tv for a head

Design for TV-Head Vinyl Toy
[ 3D Modeling | 2016 ]

Vector monkey and mirro logo for Code Mirror

Logo for the Code Mirror project
[ Vector | 2014 ]

Vector owl and mirror logo for Prose Mirror

Logo for the Prose Mirror project.
[ Vector | 2015 ]

Vector illustration of a huge multi-part computer and a confused user for Eloquent JavaScript

The incredibly complicated machine, vector illustration for Eloquent JavaScript 2nd Edition.
[ Vector | 2014 ]

Vector illustration of a unicycle meetup group for Eloquent JavaScript

Unicycle meetup group, vector illustration for Eloquent JavaScript 2nd Edition.
[ Vector | 2014 ]

3D modeled syrup bottles with vector designed labels

Banner graphic for the first version of
[ Vector, 3D Modeling | 2016 ]

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