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A Proper Introduction

Thank you for coming by, it's been a pleasure to have you. We've grown so close in such a short time. Since we're pals now, let me tell you a bit about me, Max, and Cornea Syrup. And how much fun we're going to have together. Oh man, I am so excited. Like, super excited.

Okay, I must be honest, to clear the air at the very beginning of our relationship. This thing wasn't always called Cornea Syrup. logo for broken Tribe I made logos, flyers and album covers for bands thoughout high school. When that was done in 1998, I bought copies of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and began making CD covers for a duplication company. Back then it was called brokenTribe (which is now a New Zealand natives fashion company). logo for broken Tribe Press brokenTribe later spawned a creative co-op and an independent small press, creatively named brokenTribe Press, which ran for a few years and published some very short runs of poetry books. This experience primed me for my role later as the Art Director of Cooper Dillon Books.

logo for chimp disco After a short break in the late 2000's to do some tattooing, I returned to freelance art as Chimp Disco, but the name was concurrently adopted by an electronic musician in England, so I let him have it and transitioned to the William Gibson inspired moniker logo for ZER01NTERRUPT zer01nterrupt. Though it was a good fit for the work I was doing in the web and mobile app space, it was a name which I quickly learned was a mistake due to the seemingly esoteric choice of a zero and one for the 'o' and 'i'. What was zer01nterrupt quickly became Cornea Syrup and you are here now in the present, the year 2039, as humanity fights with hyper-intelligent machines for survival in this resource-drained, post-apocalyptic scorched Earth.

Act now! Enjoy our services!

The truth cannot be hidden, new friend. My only desire in this world is for your happiness. I don't say this flippantly. If we were all happy, this place would be paradise and so I devote myself to your happiness without reservation. Your happiness is my happiness. The work I do is not done until you are happy, satisfaction 100% guaranteed. Check with other happy clients like Nieman Marcus, SWBC, Sesame Workshop, Cooper Dillon Books and Whey Better Cookies. Cornea Syrup logo Whether your needs are 2D or 3D, digital or traditional, vector, painted, drawn or sculpted, my purpose is only to bring you joy. I am telling you we are going to have fun! That's a promise, and maybe even a threat! Please don't tell the po-lice.

Let's get this party started. Go ahead and holler at I miss you already.

Ain't nothin' wrong with just sayin' hi.