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Cornea Syrup Visual Development Austin, Texas

Thank you for visiting the Cornea Syrup web portfolio. If you are in need of some delicious visuals, be they painted, drawn, vector, or 3D, you have arrived at the right place, new friend. Below you will see a sample of comissioned works; in the event you're picking up what I'm throwing down, please direct all inquiries to

Cover art for Susannah Sheffer's 'This Kind of Knowing'

Painting for the cover of Susannah Sheffer's This Kind of Knowing
Graphite, Acrylic, Digital

Adele Adkins as Etta James Rocks

Singer Adele as Etta James in Etta James Rocks
Digital Paint

Painted caricature of Forest Whitaker

Caricature of actor Forest Whitaker
Graphite, Digital Paint

Cover art for Danny Richard's 'Advanced Vocal Warmup Series'

Cover for Vocal Coach Danny Richard's Advanced Vocal Warm-Up Series
Digital Paint

Digging a Hole to China Painted Illustration

Digging a hole to China
Ink, Digital Paint

It's OK to Pick Fruit brush and ink drawing

It's OK to Pick Fruit
Ink, Watercolor

Cover art for Jill Alexander Essbaum's 'The Devastation'

Cover art for Jill Alexander Essbaum's' The Devastation

Sepia pencil drawings of crows

A murder of crows sketchbook page
Sepia pencil

Vector illustration of The Machine for 'Eloquent JavaScript'

Illustration of The Machine for Marjin Haverbeke's Eloquent JavaScript

Vector illustration of Unicycle Meetup for 'Eloquent JavaScript'

Illustration of Unicycle Meetup for Marjin Haverbeke's Eloquent JavaScript

Vector logo for Code Mirror

Logo for Code Mirror

Vector logo for The Murdersuit Fiasco

Logo for The Murdersuit Fiasco

Vector logo for Wells Branch Library

Logo for Wells Branch Library

Vector logo for Nice Beats

Logo for Nice Beats

Vector portraits of authors and staff at Cooper Dillon Books

Portraits of select authors and staff at Cooper Dillon Books

Retro TV bot toy design rendered in 3D

Final render for Retro TV-bot toy design
Digital 3D

Thank you for your time and attention, it is truly appreciated.
Please direct all inquiries to